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Streamline  Subtitling

Streamline is a subtitling system developed specifically to provide simultaneous multi language subtitling of live, scripted, performances.

Streamline is compliant with DVB standards as defined in ETSI standard EN 300 743 V1.3.1. DVB is the standard used for all live event cinema broadcasts.

Steamline is a closed caption system providing several languages ‘embedded’  in the broadcast signal. Selection of any one, or none, of the available subtitle languages is  effected through the satellite receiver’s menu.

All the subtitles have to be prepared in advance from the scripts, transcripts or libretti associated with an event. It is not possible for this system to provide live verbatim subtitles of live unscripted speech. Live presentation can be subtitled if the presenter adheres to a script that has already been submitted for translation and preparation in to subtitles. In this situation a tele-prompter can help keep the presenter on track.

All the subtitle languages are cued by a single operator. This is achieved by ensuring that the translations match line for line throughout an entire event. This requires careful preparation of the original text that is provided for the translations and the subsequent work required to combine the translations in to a single file. As the event progresses the subtitle in and out cues are recorded providing the basis of subtitles files for future exploitation of the event such as DVD and cinema distribution using DCPs.

We can assist in supplying translators and preparing the subtitles, for multi language output.

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The Streamline service is run in association with Peter Byram - Subtitle Consultant

Technical information

Preparing subtitles